Festive Cocktail Celebration


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Send them a very merry celebration with this gorgeous giftbag of cocktails and gourmet nibbles. One for getting the party started. P. s. Just to let you know, sometimes we come up against supply problems and have to swap bits in and out of our hampers. Don’t worry any new additions will always be the same value or higher, and for specific dietary hampers, we’ll make sure suitable swaps are made. But it does mean that sometimes the allergy and nutritional info on the website don’t quite match up. Any worries, just get in touch. What’s in the giftbag? Joe & Seph’s Refreshing Mojito Popcorn 70g Mr Filbert’s Honey & Peppercorn Mixed Nuts 40g Oloves Chili & Oregano Natural Green Pitted Olives 30g Shake Baby Shake Passion Fruit Martini 250ml 4% vol Shake Baby Shake Raspberry Mojito 250ml 4% vol Shake Baby Shake Strawberry Daiquiri 250ml 4% vol Shake Baby Shake Tropical Daiquiri 250ml 4% vol Sugar Sin Gin Fizz Gummies 100g