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Birthday Flowers

Looking to send the perfect bouquet of flowers for a special someone’s birthday? Make their big day one to remember with a floral gift that matches their month of birth.

The tradition of birth flowers originated when the Romans began commemorating birthdays by using certain, special flowers. Based on the birth month, different flowers were given as gifts and used for celebration decorations. Today, you can keep this tradition alive by gifting a meaningful floral arrangement that’s tailored to your special someone’s birth month. Each seasonal flower symbolizes unique qualities and characteristics, so send a floral bouquet that’s original, special and extraordinary – just like they are.

The January Birth Flower – Carnation

Also popular for Mother’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and weddings, carnations are sweetly fragranced and feathery soft.
Also known as the Clove Pink or Gillyflower, carnations can be found in many colours ranging from pink to purple-red and are said to symbolize love, fascination and distinction.

Meaning: Fascination, Distinction and Love.

The February Birth Flower – Violet/Iris

Though this flower’s name is also it’s typical color, you can also find violets in sky blue and soft yellow.
Meaning: Modesty, Faithfulness, Distinction and Virtue

The March Birth Flower – Daffodil

Often associated with spring, daffodils symbolize rebirth and new beginnings. They are also often given for 10th wedding anniversaries, and promise happiness and joy.
When giving a daffodil, the message being sent is “You Are An Angel.”

Meaning: Spring, Devotion, Rebirth.

The April Birth Flower – Daisy or Sweet Pea

The Daisy represents a forever-young attitude. They have several meanings which include, cheerfulness, innocence, purity and beauty. It is also Queen Victoria’s favourite flower.

Meaning: Innocence, Youth, and Blissful Pleasure.

The May Birth Flower – Lily of the Valley

These birth flowers boast a gentle and sweet fragrance, and traditionally denote humility. Lily of the Valley symbolizes sweetness and humility and “You’ve Made My Life Complete” is the hidden message connected to the flower.

Meaning: Happiness, Sweetness, Humbleness and Hope.

The June Birth Flower – Rose

Roses of all colours have many different meanings. Love, beauty, passion, perfection…

Meaning: Love, Gratitude and Appreciation.

The July Birth Flower – Water Lily

The Water Lily is also known as “Queen of the Water,” and symbolize life, love and enlightenment.

Meaning: Joy, Sweetness and Laughter.

The August Birth Flower – Gladiolus

Derived from the Latin word “gladius,” meaning sword, these flowers represent strength with grace.

Meaning: Moral Integrity, Sincerity and Generosity.

The September Birth Flower – Aster

Aster flowers symbolize both elegance and wild beauty, as they bring a punch of colour to autumn-time landscapes.

Meaning: Daintiness, Love and Affection.

The October Birth Flower – Marigold

Marigolds say “autumn” all over! Brilliant and richly colourful, marigolds represent warmth and grace.

Meaning: Joy, Modesty and Grace.

The November Birth Flower – Chrysanthemum

Depending on the colour, Chrysanthemums can represent love, innocence, or unrequited desire. As a birthday gift, these flowers say simply: “Be happy!”

Meaning: Cheerfulness, Friendship and Abundance.

The December Birth Flower – Narcissus

Narcissus (named after a character in Greek mythology), collectively send the message: “you are special” or “you are the only one.” Send that same message with this classic bloom that also symbolizes hope and good fortune.

Meaning: Self-Esteem, Hope and Good Wishes

Allergies – If you or your recipient are sensitive or allergic to fragrant flowers, try to choose something that is non-fragrant. Many tropical varieties such as anthurium, birds of paradise or orchids are ideal. Oriental lilies, ( and especially the Stargazer variety) are highly potent and should be avoided and are not recommended for those with allergies.


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